Trusting my Heart – Part Six

Welcome back to the story of my empowerment and my awakening. If you have read the first five chapters you can skip ahead to my latest installment. If not I suggest you use the links below or scroll back on the homepage to the first chapter. Here are the previous chapters:

Part One – Putting my Heart to the Test

Part Two – Asking for Help

Part Three – Trusting the Process

Part Four – Growing My Heart

Part Five – Another Hidden Gift

And now it’s time to continue the story with a bit of a stepping outside of the story to something that happened the night before my journey to Northwestern Memorial hospital started. I think I’ll call it:

unnamed-54Part Six – A Visit From the Angels

On the the Monday night before I went to the hospital, we started a visit with the Angels in our home. I suspect that some of you will immediately think, “Oh boy…there he goes off the deep end finally!” I suspect that others will think, “He had me at Angels!” Which one are you?

Do you believe in Angels?

It’s really a wonderful question because it opens up a platform that plays into a multitude of perceptions and invokes a list of other potential questions or thoughts.

Who are the guardian Angels in your life? Do you pray to any Angels? Can you actually see Angels? Is he talking about Doreen Virtue? Do Angels really have wings and halos? The list could go on and on, but I hope I make my point that an individual’s reaction to the world Angels can be as unique as their fingerprint.

As it relates to this story, the word Angels can be defined simply as, “A spirit or being that acts as a protector of mankind and is a bridge between humanity and higher Source.” Hopefully that can allow the story to unfold in a language that everyone can accept, regardless of their beliefs or religious practices.

A few weeks ago, Christiana and I decided to start a special 10-day meditation together. The meditation was suggested by a dear friend of ours who, like we do, sees the world as a place of opportunity and joy. The meditation begins by accepting an invitation to have a group of Angels enter your home at a specific time and allow them to spend 10 days guiding and protecting over your family in a way that would be deeper than even normal, assuming you believe that you are always protected by Higher Source anyways.

I hope I’m not losing you yet. It’s a really good story and I beg you indulgence. If you are thinking I’ve gone Fruit Loops I ask that you press on without judgement and remember I’m only talking about our ability to reflect, Source’s ability to help us and the link between the two. Whether you call it prayer, mediation, visualization or a visit from the Angels is not significant!

To begin the 10-day sequence of reflection, our instructions were to make a few simple preparations to the physical space of our home which I won’t go into in this story. The most significant part of the preparation as it relates to this story is as follows. We were instructed to take a piece of paper and write down three intentions for things we wanted to have happen as a result of the meditation. One of the intentions was to be for all of mankind, one was to be for the earth specifically and one was to be for ourself. Since we are a family of two we each prepared our own envelopes.

We followed all of our instructions on the day before our 10-day mediation was scheduled to begin and we then went about the business of leading our routine lives. It was a Sunday. I must say though, I had an incredibly heightened sense of excitement as I felt the anticipation that something huge was going to happen as a result of this practice that we were about to enter. Apparently those feelings were well warranted.

On the Monday night before I wound up in the cardiac care ward of Northwestern Memorial Hopsital I had dinner plans with an old friend who I hadn’t seen in many months. I was exhausted from a weekend of heavy social activities, late nights and lots of writing, but there was no way I was going to cancel on this special friend. This special friend had lost his wife about two and a half years ago to cancer. I recently wrote about her in my blog entitled Finding Joy which was published on our Emerging into Joy blog site. You can link over and read it at some point if you like, but the cliff notes version is as follows.

Christiana and I were in the room when Joy crossed over. I had brought her a rose quartz heart-shaped crystal to help surround her in Love if in fact she was going to pass soon. I put it by her bedside. Her husband (my old friend from the dinner the night before I went into the hospital myself) picked it up and put it in her hand. I had my hands on Joy’s body as her spirit left her physical being. In my entire life it is one if the few times that I felt so close to Source, that there was literally no separation between my energy and the energy of the Divine. I still get chills when I think of that moment in the story of my life. I was not in the room when my father crossed over in 1997. Being there when it happened for Joy was a gift that filled some of that void that had existed in my life for over 15 years.

Fast forward back to my dinner and a nightcap or two that Monday night before I went into the hospital. Although the conversation was fantastic, I knew I had to head home. I had to head home because I was excited for the official start of the 10-day mediation with the Angels. I wanted to go home and light a candle and do some reflection before I turned in for the night. I also had a double shift looming on the horizon for Tuesday so I figured staying out until midnight was not the best plan. I hired an Uber and made it home by about 9:30 p.m. with enough time to unwind and still get a good rest. It was also in enough time to be home in time for the designated time of the start of the meditation/visit from the Angels which was supposed to happen at 10:30 p.m.

When I got home I put on some soft music, lit a candle or two, dimmed the lights and relaxed. I was still really excited and sensed that we were going to make a lot of important self-discoveries during this period of reflection. I also found myself intensely sad that Christiana was at work and could not be a part of this moment. I remember forming a thought that “we needed to find a way to spend much more time together during this ten days no matter what the cause.” Little did I know that in exactly 12 hours we would start a stretch of 36 straight hours together and I would have gotten exactly as I wished, no matter what the cause.

I went to sleep before Christiana got home from work that night. I sometimes try to stay awake so I can see her for a few minutes but on this night I didn’t make it. I blew out the real candles, turned on the safety battery operated candles, took a quick bath in Epsom salts and then retired to bed with the soft music still playing. During that night I had crazy lucid dreams.

In my dreams I had visits from many of the important people in my life who have crossed over. Some of the cause of those visits during my dreams was definitely what is often called day residue from things that were part of your day before you went to sleep. I have no doubt that some of it was also the 10-day meditation starting to do it’s work.

I dreamt about my father. I dreamt about my friend Richard who died of a heart attack 16 months ago. I dreamt about my friend Randy’s Mom who was like a second mother to me. She died when I was in my mid twenties. I dreamt about surfing and flying and swimming and floating. Then right before I woke up I was having a dream about going through my mail. I was looking at a bunch of sealed envelopes and in the stack there was one single envelope that had already been opened. It was one of those envelopes with the see through plastic window. There was nothing in the envelope. The contents had already been removed. There were three words written on the inside of the envelope that I could clearly read through the see through window. Those words were:


I woke up uncomfortable. I was confused. As it all ran through my head I realized I had just woken up from an intense dream. What did it mean though? Was it as I hoped it was? Was it just day residue from dreaming about Richard who had a massive heart attack? Or was it some sort of foreshadowing?

That’s how I started my day the morning I wound up in the hospital, dehydrated, exhausted, anxious and in need of answers. As you know from reading the rest of the story, this is not a chapter in my life that is about weakness. This is a chapter about finding a new level of inner strength and empowerment. This is a chapter about awakening to the idea that I need to save a bit more space for myself and get more rest if I am to fulfill my highest purpose.

So what did I write on that card with my intentions/wishes the day before I started my visit with the Angels? I’ll keep my hopes for humanity and Mother Earth to myself but it’s important that you hear what I wrote down for myself the night before this whole magnificent story started:

“My wish is that I receive guidance and strength to unveil last few pieces of information that I need to ascend to my highest purpose…”

Do you believe in Angels? In my story, the answer is a resounding YES! 



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2 Responses to Trusting my Heart – Part Six

  1. wendydoherty says:

    Fascinating. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

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