Music weaves such a powerful connection to the experiences on the paths that we travel. Lately I have found the choices I have made when it comes to listening have seemed as if they have been plucked from the heavens by the Divine. Each playlist I create, each Pandora station I choose, each artist I focus on for a day or two creates the perfect vibration for the moment in time that I am living. I am grateful for the guidance and I celebrate the harmony.

Last Friday I had a particularly powerful example of one those moments in time with music. On Friday my plans changed. I had expected to lunch with a friend who I treasure but seldom get to spend time with. I had been looking forward to the moment in time with great anticipation. The meeting never came to be. My friend, who was going to drive and meet me at a halfway point between where they live and where I was visiting, came down with a nasty cold. I received the message in the early morning that our intended meeting was not to be. The minute I heard my phone chime while I was still lying in bed, I knew who the message was from and what it would say. I didn’t even need to get up and check it because I felt such a strong vibration that it was true. I just went back to sleep for another hour of dreams and then confirmed my knowing a bit later when I was more rested.

When I listened to the message I was instantly at peace. I knew that everything was as it was supposed to be. It wasn’t that I hadn’t still wished that our meeting could take place. The peace that I felt was the result of my knowing that my friend needed rest and that the Universe had an alternate plan for me for the day. I decided to go ahead and travel to the destination we had intended to meet for lunch. Another friend I was staying with had business in the area so his chariot awaited me whether I chose to ride in in it or not. I chose to ride the chariot and explore the alternate design.

I wound up having a quick lunch with the friend who drove the chariot for me. After lunch he had to attend to his business and I had a choice to make. I could either ride along as he did a a wine training in town or I could take a walk on Vero Beach which was adjacent to the Citrus Grillhouse where we had lunch. The weather looked a bit threatening and I wavered in my choice. In the end I decided I would sit on the patio where we had enjoyed lunch, I would finish my wine and I would let my chariot-driving friend run off on his business alone. If the skies cleared I could go sit on the beach for an hour. If not there was always another glass of wine to be had.

I sat alone on the patio for about ten minutes before the clouds parted and the sun came bursting through. I finished my wine, grabbed my pack and strolled to the boardwalk that connects to Vero Beach. As soon as I got to the edge of the beach I felt an odd sense of knowing. In the moment it didn’t quite feel like it was a deja vu experience, but rather it just felt comfortable. Like everything was exactly as it was supposed to be.

I found a spot on the beach to sit and relax. I was anxious to dive back into the book I had been reading and was excited for an hour of time alone to enjoy the words and the surf and the sand. As soon as I sat on the beach the ground spoke to me. What the ground seemed to be saying to me was, “Welcome back…” It was a comfortable greeting. It made me feel at home.

Since I had just spent three hours at Juno Beach the day before I suspected the vibration I was feeling was the joy of having another surprise visit with the Atlantic Ocean. The interesting thing was that suddenly I didn’t have the desire to read. I had been waiting  all day for a gap in my schedule to get back into the amazing book that had been speaking to me as clearly as Mother Earth was speaking to me at the edge of the beach, but I just didn’t feel it in the moment. I wanted to be more in the moment so I decided to grab my iPod and listen to some music instead.

One of my favorite performers is DJ Kaskade. So many of his lyrics are about positive thinking and love. He has an album named In the Moment so to honor the experience I was enjoying I selected Kaskade on my iPod and then I selected Shuffle All. I put in my earbuds, used my pack to create a makeshift pillow and I leaned back on the beach and looked up into the perfect combination of sun and clouds in the heavens above. I love to gaze indirectly at the sun just long enough so that when I look away everything else is covered in tiny specks of light. It makes me feel like I can see everything in my element exactly the same. Human form, sea, rocks, chairs, books, birds, umbrellas, air, everything is covered in tiny specks of light. It reminds me that we are all light and energy. It makes me feel at peace.

I played my sun gazing game a few times until I knew that it was time to put my sunglasses back on and relax my eyes. As I closed my eyes and turned the focus in, I noticed that the tiny specks continued. Sometimes when that happens while my eyes are closed I pretend I can see prana – the Sanskrit word for life force. In Hindu philosophy and in particular in yoga and martial arts, prana is the vital life force that exists in all things in the Universe both animate and inanimate. Prana is the link that connects all things through all times. As I settled in to my moment I became more aware of the music coming through my earbuds.

The first song I noticed when I settled into the moment was a song named Floating from DJ Kaskade’s most recent album Atmosphere. I’ve listened to the album countless times and have heard the song perhaps a hundred, but at the very least dozens of times before. This time the lyrics spoke to me as if they had been written by the Divine for the exact moment in time I was living. I allowed the sun to beat down on my face. I allowed my body to remain in complete stillness in the sand. I allowed the breeze coming off the Atlantic to cool my skin. As I allowed for stillness, all the hairs on my body stood at attention and I felt a tingling vibration engulf every part of my physical and energetic body. My heart fluttered and felt so full. I felt completely connected to all of my loved ones who have crossed over to the other side of the veil that have shaped my life. I also felt deeply connected to the Christ Consciousness and as I listened to the words of the song in my earbuds, I began to weep tears of joy. This is what I heard:

Now in the silence
I find myself alone
It’s just what I wanted
To be on my own

Floating on the water
Staring in to night
Soaking up the magic
Specks of tiny light

Now in this small bed
When all have gone away
It’s the time that I bonded
The time that I prayed

Floating on the water
Staring in to night
Soaking up the magic
Specks of tiny light

Floating on the water
Staring in tonight
Soaking up the magic
Specks of tiny light

I never cracked open my book in that hour I was on the beach. I instead soaked the sun and the sounds of the moment. I allowed for the moment to unfold and as a result I soaked up more than sun. I soaked up life.

At the end of the day when I returned to the bed where I first learned of the change in the design of my day many hours ago, I decided that I would finally get back into my book. I pulled down the sheets and I set up the candle I brought on the trip with me. The candle I lit was a candle that was a gift my mother had given me last year. It is a battery operated candle she bought quite recently, but she paired it with a silver tray that belonged to my paternal grandfather many decades ago. I turn it on each night when I go to bed. It makes more feel connected to my namesake James Henry Herbert Sr.

Even though I have traveled many times since my mother gave me the candle, I have never traveled with it before. On this trip I was packing lightly and the night before I left something spoke to me and told me to take it along so I did.

Before I picked up the book I decided I would check my email one last time. Earlier in the day I had sent my mom a few photos from my adventures. It was too late to call her but I wanted to see if she had sent me a reply. She had indeed sent an reply and her reply closed the circle of the story: It completed the painting that was my day and it made me even more aware that everything had unfolded exactly as it was supposed to be. This is what her reply said:

“Do you remember when we went to Vero Beach with Grandma Do and Pa…you were 4?” 

She attached a photo of me standing on the beach in a pair of green trunks with a big smile on my face. While I had no physical recollection of being in Vero Beach at any point in my life before, my soul had remembered. In fact my soul remembered so powerfully that it actually set the table for it to happen again. It was all part of the design. The cancelled luncheon with a friend. The clearing of the skies under the threat of rain. The music in the moment. The candle that jumped in my bag the night before I left.

I sat on the edge of the bed staring at the screen of my phone with the battery operated candle flickering on the nightstand next to me. Memories came to me like waves crashing on the coast of the shore. I remembered my 23-year old mother with a scarf tied around her head in the Atlantic breeze. The same breeze I had allowed to cool my skin earlier in the day.  I remembered my Grandma Do hunting for shells in the sand with me. The same sand that I allowed my body to lie still in earlier in the day. I remember my namesake, or as I called him back then “Pa” walking with me at the shore as the sun shined down on my little blond head. The same sun that I had allowed to shine on my older, less blond head earlier in the day. The memory of sounds of the surf and the sounds of the music and the sounds of Mother Earth saying, “Welcome back” all melded together as a harmony in my soul.

I flipped off the light but kept the candle lit. Once again I put down the book without reading even a page and instead I allowed myself to float. I floated in the moment in time and I drifted off to dream until I awoke the next morning with the deep sense of knowing that everything would turn out exactly the way it was supposed to. In allowing for a bit more silence between the notes than I might have otherwise allowed, I opened up a treasure chest of experiences in the moment. Just another day at the beach? No, not at all! In allowing for a bit of floating through the day I got a chance to soak up the magic and see that everything is always the same in the tiny specks of light…




About Jim Herbert

I've been wanting to write my whole life. By age 45 it had amounted to nothing more than a storage locker of half full journals and a lot of unfulfilled dreams. Then Paris in the fall of 2011 happened. It was the catalyst I needed to consistently blog. At first I had a hard time hitting the publish button, but now two blog sites and over 300 posts later I'm hitting my stride. I'm also a budding speech writer. I've recently been heavily involved in the Chicago Storytelling scene and have also won the Chicago Toastmasters Area 66 International Speech Contest. Check out our website at www.emergingintojoy.com for more details about the amazing things that are happening in my life. A book or two are nearing completion. With another Paris trip on tap for Easter of 2015 I can only imagine that there are Infinite Possibilities on the horizon!!!
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  1. Diane Onixt says:

    Beautiful writing-Love, Diane

    How is your mother doing?

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