Fatherhood at Fifty – Grandpa’s Vote

Some writers struggle to come up with ideas for things to write about. I’m so grateful to say that I am not currently one of them. I am FULL of ideas. What I’m not so full of is time to write. Now I’m not saying this as some sort of self-declaration of my skill set or as a woe is me complaint about my schedule. I just accept that things are the way that are right now until some publisher sees it fit to offer me plenty of money in advance to develop the projects in my heart and my mind. I have an editor in New York waiting for the next two chapters of my book and here instead I am writing a blog at midnight. What can I say?  I may need to re-prioritize, but since I’m thinking about the big advance, I’d say it’s only a matter of time before it happens! Thoughts become things! I hope that time is shorter rather than longer.

For this week’s entry into the Fatherhood at Fifty sweepstakes I had two very strong ideas pulling at my heart. For those of you who are unaware, one of the typical progressions of a blog post for me is to think of an idea and a title and then sit down and write the actual blog. It truly works for me. The title inspires the content. I realize in journalism school that they teach you to write the article first and then write the headline second. I guess that’s why I didn’t turn out to be a journalist. I can’t follow that program!

So the two titles that were burning a whole in my writer’s purse of pencils this week were:

#1 – Fatherhood at Fifty – Daddy’s Little Girl

A story about how Christiana and I came to know that our first child would be a daughter much as we originally suspected….and how that information filled my heart. Very touching and sure to get a lot of social media play!

#2  – Fatherhood at Fifty – Grandpa’s Vote

A story about how my Mom got a message from my deceased father from the other side of the veil about the gender of our unborn child and how my Dad once again touched our hearts with his powerful spirit. A little risky from a mainstream reader standpoint but really cutting edge and fun.

So how did I decide which story to share? The choice was easy. Given that I will be making this post on the exact 20th anniversary of my Dad’s passing there was only one story that was screaming to be told. My own story can wait. It’s grandpa’s turn to tell his story and oh what a story it is!

As most of you know, we hosted a gender reveal party in our Chicago home this past Sunday. A wonderful group of local family and friends came over to the house and watched football, tossed bean bags, ate chicken wings and waited for the big reveal. As we moved through the day, Christiana and I did our best to speak in gender neutral pronouns and hoped that neither of us would give away the big secret before we intended to give away the big secret.

We had pink and blue soft drinks, pink and blue balloons, pink and blue cup cake toppers. We even had a board where our visitors could place a vote about the gender of our unborn bundle of joy with a pink or blue heart. After much debate and consternation, the final tally on the votes was separated by a just one vote. There was really only one vote that mattered at the end though, and that vote came in the most unique and special way.

As we got closer to our 5:00 pm reveal time the excitement in our little home began to grow with increasing intensity. At 4:00 pm we posted a little tease on Facebook to peak the interest of the many who would follow our live stream. At 4:45 pm we made a last call and told our in person guests “that the polls were closing.” At that point my Mom, who had already cast her own vote with a pink heart told us that she had another vote to cast. She said that the vote was from my Dad who died almost 20 years ago; in fact twenty years ago minus two days. My Dad (via proxy of my Mom) also voted for a girl with a pink heart and my mom told us that she would tell us why and how he had voted that way after the big reveal. Needless to say our curiosities were peaked. I mean we already knew the answer. Now we were intrigued as to how grandma and grandpa knew  the answer also?

So let’s turn the clock back just a bit here. Let’s go back about 85 years into the past for a moment, to the summer of 1932 in Westchester, New York. My father – James Henry Herbert- is a five year old boy and the older brother to his younger fraternal twin siblings Hank and Anne Herbert. Their parents – Jim and Dorothy- are arranging the landscaping at their new home in Pelham, New York at 256 Pelhamdale Drive. Among the plantings they choose is a Sedum Stonecrop – a hearty ground cover succulent that can really survive the test of time.

Many years later on one of our family visits to Pelham in the 1970’s when the Sedum is already nearly 50 years old, my parents take a cutting of the hearty succulent to transplant to our new family home in Farmington Hills, Michigan where it lives on for many years as I grow up and discover my own place in the world. Shorty after I go off to college at the University of Michigan in 1982, my parents make the decision to move to Naperville, Illinois to be closer to my Mom’s family. My parents take a cutting of the Sedum Stonecrop and transplant it to their home in Naperville, Illinois in 1986 where that plant then goes on to live for many years in their backyard. About two or three years ago my Mom gives me a cutting of the Sedum Stonecrop which I put in a pot and split between my Chicago home and my New Buffalo, Michigan cottage. Both cuttings have survived despite a general lack of any special attention and more than a few harsh winters. The will to live of this particular family of Sedum plants seems to be unusually strong.

Despite that fact that this now Octogenarian strain of Sedum plants has been healthy enough to travel across at least a dozen state lines and preserve through countless harsh midwest winters, there is one thing that has never happened. No cutting of the plant has ever bloomed a flower. Not in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Not in Naperville, Illinois. Not in New Buffalo, Michigan. Not in Chicago, Illinois. Not ever. Not once. Not yet, that is until  just a few weeks ago.

The Sedum Stonecrop in my Mom’s backyard has been mostly contained through the years. The one I took to Michigan has offered a few “volunteers” as new off shoots have sprung up around the yard, but in my Mom’s backyard the plant had pretty much held it’s own ground. This spring though a new growth appeared. It appeared at the foot of a tree that my father planted in the backyard of that Naperville home many years ago, long before he was even sick.

My father loved trees. He planted new ones as often and possible and wherever he could.  This new sprouting of the Sedum Stonecrop fought its way through a bunch of other ground cover to survive, much like my father battled through three dances with cancer before finally crossing over in 1997. Like I said, where there is a will….

Just a couple of weeks ago, as Christiana and I were struggling to use non-gender specific pronouns as not to give anything away, my Mom noticed something very special in her Naperville backyard. That tiny little five leaf, half eaten by rabbits, new volunteer of Sedum Stonecrop had done something that none of its elder Sedum family members had ever done in the many years since it had left Pelham, New York. The little Sedum that could had offered a bloom – one solitary pink flower. A vote from the Heavens in the most magical way if you will. In that moment in time my Mom instantly knew what Christiana and I had always know in our hearts….that our little bundle of joy would be a girl. A baby girl who already knew the spirit of her grandfather that she would never meet on this earth in this lifetime. Sometimes only one vote is needed. That vote from the Spirit side is all knowing and decisive; untainted by our human fears and emotions and doubts.

Christiana and I have been hoping for a girl since conception. We of course were delighted with the prospects of being parents to any soul who chose us as parents and of any gender, but let’s just say that the message was strong…

Aquarian or Pisces female. It is in the Divine plan! 

Over the first 21 weeks of our pregnancy we have been subject to all of the emotions and wandering thoughts that are possible to humans no matter how strong their beliefs might be. At first we were certain that we were pregnant and then the first two tests came back negative. We were always certain that our child would be healthy, but still awaited the results of the two rounds of genetic testing in order to take a sigh of relief. Then when we finally knew that we were pregnant with a healthy child, we were certain it would be a girl… until we questioned ourselves before the ultrasound and genetic testing affirmed what our hearts had suspected all along.

In the end….the truth is….all we need to know is always there for us to know. The answers are written down in the most surprising ways. Sometimes they are written in the stars. Sometimes they are written in our hearts. And sometimes they are written in the leaves of a well traveled family of succulents that bridge a connection with its own ancestry both horticultural and human.  If we tune out our fears and listen to the messages written in the in the seeds of nature, we will always know the truth.

Thanks for stopping by again dad. It’s been 20 years and I feel like I’ve never been apart from you at all. I must say I owe that to your spirit more than I owe to to my own faith. I pray that you will watch over your little granddaughter with the same love and attention you have always watched over me with on both sides of the veil. Why should I have any doubts? You’ve already given her flowers. I’m sure there are many more bouquets yet to come…



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Fatherhood at Fifty – Halfway There…

Have I ever mentioned that I plan on living to be at least 100 years old? It’s true. I don’t even really know why I’ve always felt this way, but I’ve actually visualized living well beyond 100. Maybe even until 120! And I’m not talking about hanging on in a nursing home hooked up to oxygen tanks from age 90 sort of living. I’m talking about full on, cognizant, contributing to my family and humanity sort of living.

Here’s some other good news though. I’m not attached to that specific outcome or a number. I just intend to live a full life and I believe that there is so much more “fullness” out there in the my story yet. From a practical standpoint, living to 100 word serve me well since I’m not getting started on this fatherhood thing until my fifties. I guess you could say that if I plan on living to a hundred and I’m becoming a first time father in my early fifties, then the story of this incarnation of my life is about halfway told. I’m comfortable with that. It helps me live in a place of contentment without too much irrational fear. I still have half a life to get a few things figured out!

I even have certain level of expertise in this living to 100 thing going for me on my side. My paternal grandma Dorothy lived to age 97 if I remember correctly. We never really knew if she was older or younger than grandpa so we can’t be sure what her age actually was when she died. At least one and maybe even two of my mom’s grandparents lived to over the age of 100 and that was back in the day when the average life expectancy was more like 40-50 years. There’s a nice lady name Toni who comes to lunch with my friend Merle every couple of months. She’s 104. She’s graceful and sharp as a tack AND she comes straight from the beauty shop before lunch which makes her look not a day over 85! My first wife’s grandfather is still alive at age 110! We believe he may be the oldest living male in the entire United States. If I could figure out how to set those last two up on a date they would have 214 years of stories to share with each other. It’s like I’m surrounded by centenarian role models at every turn!

Speaking about halfway points, Christiana and I just reached one of our own. We just reached the halfway point of our pregnancy. In fact this week is the week of our 20 week ultrasound test, even though it’s actually happening in week 21. Scheduling in real world time must allow for a few variations in time and space.

The halfway point ultrasound will tell us many exciting things about our little bundle of joy. It will tell us about the position of the fetus and how things are going related to average tendencies. We will see a number of images of our little one who at last report was the size of an artichoke. I must admit that news made me feel a little strange about devouring an entire fried roman artichoke last week at dinner at my favorite Italian joint, Il Porcelino, but I got over it. Most importantly, the halfway point ultrasound will tell us the gender of our little bundle of joy, who will then have the distinct privilege of being referred to as our son or daughter instead of our little bundle of joy.  (Wagering tip: do not weight you prognostication on the fact that I mentioned one gender first over the other. At this point all possibilities are still in play equally until we officially reveal on Sunday October 1st…)

To me, the truly interesting thing about reaching the halfway point of things in life is that you have the opportunity to pause and reflect on the transition that is taking place. In one aspect of my life at age 53, I am truly becoming an elder. I lead men’s circles, I travel and speak at conferences, I have a book in progress with an editor in New York City, the motherland of publishing and writing. In another aspect of my life at the halfway point to becoming a father, I am a complete novice. I am full of uncertainty and mystery and even a little fear. I throw myself at the feet of the many mentors I have already had in my life and I welcome in more who can share their wisdom and advice on growing as a parent.

Just last week I wrote a post called Final Lap about how each chapter that closes in our lives allows us to make space for new chapters to open. In essence each Final Lap is the start of a new trip around the track or another lap across the pool if you will. It made me think about how when I’m reading a good page-turner, I don’t want the book to end so I slow down the pace of my reading as I get deeper into the story in order to savor the winding down process and delay the ending. That thought made me think even further and ask myself a hypothetical question….

What if I applied that same logic to the second half of this pregnancy…. and to the second half of my life for that matter? What if I just slowed down the pace a bit and savored a bit more? Wouldn’t that make sense in the grand scheme of things? Isn’t it me who decides whether I want to stop and smell the roses or plow them over with the lawnmower of life? I think sometimes we tell ourselves that some other driving force is in control of our energy and that we are at the mercy of a multitude of external circumstances. I’ve been a slave to that taskmaster of my Universal self for far too many years. So like a referee at a Detroit Lion’s Football game, I’m going to throw a flag on that play, call for a replay and force a 10 second runoff!

For the next 20 weeks I plan on celebrating every moment in the moment without exclusively planning for what has to happen next. Notice I said “not exclusively” instead of not at all. I’m still going to plan. 

More importantly, I think I’ve finally accepted that it’s okay to go about the second half of my life a bit slower. Not because I’m not capable of keeping up the pace, but rather because I no longer want to live at a pace that doesn’t allow for saving time to do nothing once in a while.

Lately I’ve been making a little more time to read. It helps me with my writing. My old paradigm taskmaster mindset would tell me that time spent reading would only cut into my writing time. For the past few months my new paradigm/inner referee has thrown a flag on that mindset. I’ve read and re-read a number of books that have mattered to me and I tend to pull whatever speaks to me the loudest off of the bookshelf when I’m deciding what’s next on the reading list.

A couple of days ago I pulled Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love off of the shelf because it spoke to me the loudest. I can’t decide if it’s a read or a re-read. I would swear that I’d read it before, but it feels so new to me that I’m thinking that I might have only thought that I had read it before. Either way I’m seeing it with a beginner’s mind and it has been powerful and inspiring. I have actually hoped that the book I’m working on has a similar feel to Gilbert’s masterpiece: A series of short stories told from the heart that unveil a transformation of self. I pray to be so blessed with my writing. This morning I ran across this little phrase in pat one from her time in Italy. In speaking to her friend Luca Spaghetti, Liz asks if the Italians have the same trouble as Americans in relaxing and letting go of things. He responds by saying:

“Oh No! We are the Masters of il bel far niente….” 

Translation = the beauty of doing nothing 

Twenty more weeks in one journey. I’m visualizing another 53 years in another journey. That should give me plenty of time to master the art of il bel far niente. My guess is that the secret in that mastery is to stay calm and to not try too hard at the mastery. I remain the eager student….

636119820948114856-2035670672_halfway point





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Fatherhood at Fifty – Final Lap

There are few things in life that can produce a zen like state of bliss for me as well as swimming. I love the Darth Vader-like echoing sound of my breath while I’m swimming laps or diving down underwater. Ever since I was a child my allure to water has been strong. I’ve always felt more comfortable living close to water than I felt living inland. When I’m on a warm weather vacation I can stay in the pool for hours at a time until my skin shrivels up like a raisin. It won’t surprise even the most amateur astrologer to learn that I am a water sign through and through, born right in the heart of Cancer. I may be crabby at times and I may like my shell, but get me back to water and I am nourished in every way.

Last weekend I took my final outdoor swim of the season at our neighborhood public pool. This summer more than any other in recent past, my time spent at the River Park outdoor pool was special. The thing that made it the most special for me was the fact that my wife Christiana (and our little wonder inside her belly) joined me for the majority of my visits. For the past three summers I have bought the 3-month adult lap swim pass for $40 which allows me access to the adult only swim times. The River Park public pool is typically flooded with droves of families all day long, but at the evening lap swims there are often as few as a half dozen people. Swimming laps on a summer evening has become one of my greatest joys. How lucky am I to have a wonderful Olympic size pool just minutes from my backyard?

This year over an unusually hot 4th of July weekend, I realized I hadn’t been to the pool yet this summer. It was about 5:30 pm on Saturday evening. Christiana and I were deciding what if anything to make of the rest of our night. The combination of the heat and a mid-aternoon nap had both of us feeling sluggish. A lazy night on the couch with a pizza and a movie was starting to look like the most likely plan, but both of us were restless. I looked at Christiana and said, “Would you like to go swimming?”

Her sleepy eyes perked up a bit as she answered, “Maybe? Where would we go swimming?”

I looked up the River Park pool schedule online and sure enough adult lap swim started at 5:45 pm and ran until the pool closed at 7:00 pm. I feverishly packed up our towels and other supplies to save every possible minute of my potential salvation by the water while Christiana bought our lap swim passes over the internet.  By 6:00 pm we were splashing around in wonderfully refreshing cool water! Well I was at least…

Now I’m one of those people who jumps in the pool right away no matter how cold the water is or what the outside air temperature is. Let’s just say Christiana is a bit more of a ease her way into the pool sort of person. I would say she likes to wade her way in. Christiana likes to stick a toe in the water first….and then go one step down on the ladder…. and then get in up to the waist only….and then eventually plunge underwater but only after a good bit of conversation and consternation. On this particular sizzling hot Fourth of July weekend Saturday evening I had enough time to do a number of laps before she was fully into the pool. My mind began to wonder how Christiana would fare on cooler summer evenings.

Fast forward to last weekend’s final lap swim of the season and things looked a bit different than that sizzling Fourth of July weekend evening. The sun sat a good bit lower in the sky, the pool chairs and facilities were a bit more weathered than they were at the start of the season and most importantly it was only about 60 degrees outside. There was a big part of us that considered skipping our last chance of the year, but I really wanted to go so we grabbed our swimming things and a book just in case we wanted to just sit by the pool instead. By 6:00 pm we were at the River Park pool one last time for the season along with one or two other brave souls.

In typical fashion, I walked around to the 9-foot deep end and dove right in. Even by my polar bear standards this water was a bit shocking. A stretch of August nights in the low 50s had dropped the water temperature drastically. I swam my first length and told Christiana that it would get better the more I moved so I kept swimming. For about ten minutes she tried her best to get in the pool but each time she did, she would only get to about her knee caps before she would climb back out shivering. By then I had done about 10 laps and felt pretty good. It was cool but my heart rate was up and I was getting into a groove. I could see her disappointment, not only in potentially missing out on the last swim of the season, but also in succumbing to not getting in the pool because she was too cold. I could see that she was starting to judge herself.

I knew it was a decision that she had to make for herself. She said to me, “What if it’s too cold for the baby and it’s too shocking?” I simply answered her question by saying, “Women have been swimming in cold ocean water in Ireland and other places in the world while pregnant for hundreds of years and that I was sure it would be okay….” I then continued with my laps.

On my next return length I saw that she had grabbed a kick board and was standing on the walk down staircase. I swam by her and smiled. By the time I took my next length and return she was in the pool up to her waist. As I was finishing up what was to be my final lap, I saw that she was heading towards me kicking furiously with the kick board, submerged all the way into the pool. For the next ten minutes we swam side by side and chatted. I swam a slow breast stroke with my head above water and she used the kick board and worked out her legs as she warmed up to the cold water. We did one final length together as the clock ticked its way towards the 7:00 pm closing time on the last day of the 2017 season.

As I climbed out over the edge at the end of our final lap I looked back out across the magnificent Olympic sized pool that has been such a big part of my last few summers. I looked my half full bottle of water and my trusty old goggles and the setting sun over the trees and I wondered. I wondered if I would ever be back here at River Park Pool again?

With our first child on the way and some uncertainty about our living situation there is at least the possibility that this was not just my final lap swim of the season at River Park, but perhaps my last time ever at River Park pool in general. I grabbed my phone and snapped a shot of the moment for my eyes to remember, but in truth it was the picture imprinted on my heart and mind that will forever be the most brilliant.

What I realized in that moment in time at the edge of the River Park pool was that my entire life has been full of so many final laps. It’s when we carry the memories with us but let go of the attachment to the particular circumstances that we truly have the chance to live to the fullest and grow. There will be other pools, other summers, other challenges and other things in life to dive into….either headfirst or by wading in slowly.

As a father I have so many exciting final laps ahead of me yet. Our child’s final lap of only being able to crawl will lead to the first day of walking. Final lap of kindergarten will lead to the first day of 1st grade. Final lap of training wheels will lead to that scary first ever solo journey on a two wheel bicycle. And so on and so on….As with everything in life it’s a matter of which lens you choose to view the situation.

I celebrate each the final laps ahead in my journey with the deep sense of knowing that each one opens up a infinite number of new doors to explore. For all those who have asked me how I intend to manage being in my 60s while my kids are in school I say this:

I’m ready to dive in!




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Fatherhood at Fifty – Fluttering

Flutter (verb)

  1. To flap or wave quickly but irregularly
  2. To flap the wings without flying
  3. To drive into disorder or throw into confusion

There have been times in my life, even recently, where any or all of these definitions of the word flutter have applied.

There have certainly been times where I have done things or external circumstances have occurred that have thrown my life into disorder and confusion. In fact just over the last couple of weeks we faced some degree of uncertainty about our living situation and I was doing a good bit of allowing my energy to flutter into a place of confusion. That all seems to be settling now though as we have a clearer idea of how things look up until our little wonder arrives and for at least a few months after that. The rest of the answers will unfold in due time.

I’ve also been on a bit of a cliff lately, waiting to jump off. Over the past few years I have done so many things that I have never done before. I’ve been preparing the way for the next chapter of the coaching, speaking and teaching branch of my life. Toastmasters, storytelling classes and shows, hosting webinars, speaking at empowerment conferences, moderating men’s circles and working with one-on-one clients and groups have all been very rewarding and have served me well. All the while I’ve felt like I was missing one big piece in the puzzle. A major calling card if you will. The book that has been inside me and has been on again off again for the better part of three years now has been the shadow that has hung over me like a heavy cloak. For the last month or two I’ve been doing a courting dance with a literary agent and editor in New York, but I’ve been hesitant to take the leap of faith and start to dive into the project full tilt. One could say I’m flapping my wings without doing the flying.

My favorite current definition of fluttering though is the one that’s happening inside Christiana’s belly over the last week or so and the other night it happened in a most powerful way!

We have chosen to work with a wonderful organization called the West Suburban Midwives for the delivery of our baby. It is a team of five partners that have delivered thousands of babies over the last twenty years. What’s extra special is that they are affiliated with West Suburban Hospital in Oak Park and the birthing center (including the option for water birth) is located in the hospital itself. To us it’s the best of both worlds of traditional midwifery and modern medical facilities.

At our very first appointment where we had our early pregnancy evaluation and first ultrasound, the midwife we met with was going over some of the things we will be experiencing during our 40 week journey to parenthood. It was then that I first heard the word fluttering used in the context of our future child’s first movement. The midwife we were meeting with, who was named Tara, had recently had her own baby and told us that sometime around week 15 or 16 Christiana might start to feel some movement inside her uterus. It wouldn’t be pushing or kicking at first it would be more like fluttering.

We’ve also been watching the weekly video series called “What to Expect when You’re Expecting”. Each week we are told what size our baby is compared to a fruit or vegetable. So far our little wonder has been a raspberry, a kumquat, a fig, and an avocado just to name a few delicacies. Each week we also see a artist’s rendering of what the fetus might look like as it goes through the various stages of development. Our host in the video is author Heidi Murkoff and a few weeks ago she pointed out the development of the beginnings of the arms and noted that out at some point around week 16 the arms would start to flutter.

Sure enough, last week after her massage Christiana said that after lying on her side for an hour while awake during her massage she got her first ever sense of movement and that it totally felt exactly like fluttering. How exciting!

Then again on Friday night while we were lying in bed it happened in an even more pronounced fashion. Over the years I’ve done a lot of hands-on energy work. I’ve practiced and studied Reiki as well as pranic healing and many people, including Christiana, have said that at times my hands can be like infernos of heat and energy. This past Friday night I was dozing off early while recovering from some oral surgery earlier in the day. Christiana was reading in bed, I had my head resting on her left shoulder and my right hand on her belly over the sheets.

As I drifted into that state halfway between sleep and wake – the state where all the magic happens as I like to call it – I was dreaming of connecting with our little wonder and all of a sudden I awoke to Christiana saying:

“Oh My God what are you doing?!” 

She seemed to be one-third startled, one third laughing, and one third really excited. I was mostly delirious with exhaustion and a good dose of Ibuprofen and steroids to minimize the swelling and inflammation in my mouth.

She proceeded to explain to me that she felt like the baby had come right up to the edge of her lower abdomen as if trying to get to the energy. It was like our little one was flapping or fluttering their way up to Daddy’s hand to send a message back that the energy had been received. I took my hand from outside the cover and placed it directly on Christiana’s bare belly. She asked me if I could feel anything?

While I couldn’t feel any movement with my hand, I could certainly feel it in my heart – and I also felt the few little tears of joy running down my cheek as my head rested on her shoulder and I drifted in and out of peaceful sleep. Why the tears of joy? Because I knew it wouldn’t be long before that flutter would be a kick and that kick would be a cry and that cry would be a real life smile.

I think I’m ready to take that leap off the cliff now. There are more stories to write and tell and plenty of flights that are yet to be taken. Like all great flights though, this one begins with a little flapping of ever-growing wings for all of our family. Even though he or she hasn’t even been born yet, our little wonder has already reminded me of a great lesson in life – all of our future journeys will begin with a little fluttering – in every sense of the word…



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Fatherhood at Fifty – Pretzels & Rocks

Sometimes I wonder how much work will go into this being a father thing? There are times when I think that the task will be overwhelming and there are times when I think it will be a like a day at the beach. My guess is a it will be a little bit of both. I’m sure I won’t always be able to take off for three hours like I did this morning for a long bike ride on the lakefront and a nice swim at the beach. I’m okay with that change though. I’ve pretty much been able to do whatever I want whenever I want for most of my life.

unnamed-16So about that swim at the lakefront? This morning I once again returned to my favorite beach on Chicago’s lakefront – the Hollywood beach at the extreme north end of the city. Hollywood beach is not served by any nearby parking lot so the crowds are often much smaller than the other Chicago beaches. That little matter is specially important on a busy weekend like this one with Air and Water Show in town. Hollywood beach also has an unusually gradual slope for a lakefront beach. Whereas most Lake Michigan beaches drop off drastically a short distance out from the shore, Hollywood beach is no more than knee deep for 25 yards, waist deep out to 50 yards and it only gets over my head deep when I’m about 100 yards out. The sand is quite soft for non-oceanfront sand and the water is especially clear because there are almost no rip currents. Combine all that with the fact that my mom and dad lived in a high-rise right along the shore of this particular beach when I was born, and Hollywood beach has a very special place in my heart.

This morning there was a special magic to my first plunge. I was at the tail end of a two hour ride. It was hotter than it has been for the last few weeks. The water temperature was a near perfect 74 degrees. The water was still and unusually clear. I splashed around for about ten minutes and then walked back up onto the shore and basked in the sun of a crystal clear Chicago morning. I could even feel a special tingle in the energy of the day. Maybe it was the pre-eclipse energy and maybe it was some nostalgia, but I felt close to a number of spirit beings I like to talk to that are part of my past like my father and my grandparents and a few of my other Angels on the other side of the veil.

I stood in the sunshine with my eyes closed and held my arms out as far as I could to my sides with my palms facing upwards towards the heavens as I took in long, slow, nourishing breaths. I tilted my head back just enough to feel the rays of the sun hitting every part of my face and I lifted my heart center up a little higher by pushing my chest forward. I’m not totally sure if I was in this standing trance for a few seconds or a few minutes, but I am sure that I looked equal parts interesting and equal parts crazy to any of the handful of people that were nearby.

My trance was broken by the sounds of birds screeching and wings flapping and a young girl yelling at the top of her lungs. When I opened my eyes there were a few dozen seagulls swarming around precariously close to my standing body – which must have made the whole scene look closer to the crazy side of the scale than the interesting side to anyone watching from the distance by the way!

If you’ve ever been snapped quickly out of a deep meditation before, you know it sort of feels like waking up in the middle of the night to a smoke detector or a tornado siren going off. The contrast between the reality that you are traveling through in your dreams vs. the illusion that is unfolding in your current human experience is so paramount that it takes a few breaths your brain to start processing information. Yes, I did in fact say the dream was the reality and the waking state was the illusion but that’s a topic for a different blog post.

Anyways, over the next few breaths my brain began to process the scene of seagulls swarming around my body and what looked to be a mom and her three daughters set up on a beach blanket about 20 feet away from me. The youngest girl must have been less than two years old. She had white blonde hair and was playing in the sand without a care in the world while staring up at the birds and laughing. Her middle sister, who I would guess must have been about five,  was running after the birds much like I would suspect my wife Christiana must have done countless times in her own youth because I’ve seen her do it as an adult a number of times as well. The middle sister had long, wavy sand colored hair and she was carrying a bag of pretzels that she was throwing at the seagulls in an effort to get them to come closer to her. Wherever the pretzels landed a group of gulls would dive down and try to be the first to seize the new offering. The middle sister seemed at ease with the energy of the moment and moved much like her wavy hair moved in the wind. The oldest of the three sister must have been about nine or ten and had darker brown hair; the same color as her mother who was sitting on her blanket reading a magazine as the whole story was unfolding. The older sister had a much different body energy than her two, younger, more carefree sisters.

unnamed-17Over the next few breaths as I came more back into my post-meditative state, I noticed that the oldest sister was picking up rocks and throwing them at the seagulls while screaming at the top of her lungs, “Get away from us!” Each time a flock would swarm down to seize one of then newly tossed pretzels, the older sister would flinch and hunch down closer to the sand as if trying to take cover. She would then bounce up and run at the gulls and throw another rock while her sister tossed out more pretzel bait behind her back. I couldn’t help but stand there and smile at the whole scene unfolded with the carefree white haired girl, the totally distracted mom and the two very different sisters. As I stood there with a smile on my face and the sun shining down on my whole self I was reminded of something I’ve thought a number of times in the past:

“Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could live out all of our days with the same pure and organic connection to all that IS that we are born with…” 

I’ve long been a fan of looking up the symbolism of animal spirit guides when a certain animal crosses my path and I take particular notice of the situation. I can think of times in the past when a cardinal, or a hawk, or a coyote, or deer meant so much more than the surface of the situation might have suggested. When I looked up the meaning of a seagull spirit animal crossing your path one of the best explanations I found was this: 

“When a seagull flies across your path, it’s time to take a new perspective on things. Take a step back and look at the scene through a different lens. Soar above the drama of your own emotional boundaries and find creative new ways to move forward…” 

As Christiana and I get ready to begin our journey as parents I’m reminded that the lens we choose to view our lives through is our choice. Where we live or what we do to provide sustenance or which circles of people move in and out of our lives or how we choose to persevere and protect ourselves are all fluid things. Some days may feel like laughing in the sand, some days we will dive for pretzels and some days may even be filled with a few rocks.  If all the days of our lives can be lived with the reminder that to be young at heart is to live as close to the IS as is humanly possible….then I’m pretty sure this Fatherhood thing is going to be like a day at the beach! 

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Fatherhood at Fifty – The Illusion of Control

“You teach best what you most need to learn…” 

Have you ever heard that phrase or a paraphrase with a similar message? Have you experienced a truth in your own life that makes the phrase resonate with you inner teacher and/or inner student? Do you know the source of the above words of wisdom?

The words come from a passage in one of the most profound books I have read in this lifetime; Illusions by Richard Bach. Bach is best known for his groundbreaking best-seller Jonathan Livingstone Seagull, but is has always been Illusions that has intrigued the storyteller and mystic in me the most.

unnamed-15Illusions is the ultimate teacher apprentice story: It is a hero’s journey of epic proportion disguised in a 140-page, easy read that can effortlessly be consumed in one rainy afternoon or an average length plane trip. If you have never had the pleasure of reading the book cover to cover I strongly encourage you to take it on your next adventure. Once read it can be picked up again and again and read piecemeal, somehow making to deliver the exact message you need at any given point in your own life journey.

The larger part of the passage that leads up the the powerful one-liner above reads as follows:

“Learning is finding out what you already know. Doing is demonstrating that you know it. Teaching is reminding others that they know it just as well as you. You are all learners, doers, teachers.

Your only obligation in any lifetime is to be true to yourself. Being true to anyone else or anything else is not only impossible, but the mark of a fake messiah.

The simplest questions are the most profound. Where were you born? Where is your home? Where are you going? What are you doing? Think about these once in a while, and watch your answers change.

You teach best what you most need to learn…” 

Hold those powerful words in mind for a few moments as I share with you my own story and recent opportunity for awakening.

About a week ago I had just finished a virtual gathering with one of the many groups of inspirational people that I am blessed to travel through this lifetime with. This particular group is made up of like minded, positive energy male incarnates who gather once a month to talk about things that men are sometimes not very good at talking about. We talk about things like fear, emotions, vulnerability and the like. While it is a circle that I started, it is not what I would consider to be “my” circle. It is “our” circle in that I am both a student and a teacher in the circle and while I may moderate the call each month, countless others have shared their wisdom and leadership through the years.

This month we had a very casual call with no specific focus topic where we all shared what we are currently working on in our lives. As we made our rounds, I noticed a particular theme developing. I found myself continually noticing and commenting on the concepts of non-attachment, of allowing things to unfold organically and refraining from micro-managing within our daily lives. At the end of the call I felt very much at peace. I felt like we had all done some great group and individual coaching of each other. At the end of the call I asked each circle member to offer me one piece of fatherly advice.  I ended the call with a deep sense of knowing that my journey towards fatherhood would unfold exactly as it was intended to regardless of any external circumstances. As I began to clean up from the call and put away all my video equipment, I felt like I was floating on clouds of peace and contentment. My state of peace and ease lasted a full ten minutes until I made the ill fated decision to open up my email and take one last peek for the night.

Amidst the standard junk email and Facebook updates I came across an email with some rather unexpected and unsettling information. It seemed that the place we have been living for the last four years was about to be put up for sale. In an instant I went from a place of invincibility to a place of irrational fear. What if we had to move out because the building sold and new owners hated us? What if we had our baby in February and had to move out in March because our lease was expiring? What if we wound up homeless with a newborn infant? Let’s just say I felt like I was riding a surfboard of emotion and fear in a sea of tidal waves. Not so invincible now, are you Mr. positive thinker?

“You teach best what you most need to learn…” 

Over the next few hours as the news settled in I gradually began to let go of my inner panic. I put the Xanax bottle back into the bottom of the drawer where I keep it just in case, even though I almost never take it. I started to realize that there were as many possibilities that we could stay in our current home as there were that we would need to move out. Eventually over a period of a few days I even reached the place that I usually try to tell others to try to get to when dealing with change and uncertainty. I reminded myself that if staying in our amazing home that we love so well home didn’t happen organically, that maybe that was a sign the we needed to move on with trust and grace.

My guess is that fatherhood is going to look a lot like that that surfboard riding. The good news is that I have so many bodies of water to explore yet and so many teachers and students to help me continue the learning. I’ve made some progress over the last few years. I’ve gone from needing to be in control of pretty much every aspect of my life, to understanding that control is an illusion. Even when we think we are in control we are merely clinging to a set of ideals and beliefs that we think will lead us to contentment and peace. It is in that clinging that we resist the natural current that the Divine Universe has in mind for us. I may not know exactly what the next few chapters of the story will look like, but I will say that I’m excited to ride the river…

“Once upon a time there lived a village of creatures along the bottom of a great crystal river.

The current of the river swept silently over them all – young and old, rich and poor, good and evil, the current going its own way, knowing only its own crystal self. 

Each creature in its own manner clung tightly to the twigs and rocks at the bottom, for clinging was their way of life, and resisting the current what each had learned from birth. 

But one creature said at last, ‘I am tired of clinging. Though I cannot see it with my eyes, I trust the current knows where it is going. I shall let go and let it take me where it will. Clinging I shall die of boredom…” 

Richard Bach – Illusions Chapter 1: Verses 11-14

Prophet like words from a master writer, an inspiration in verse, and nicereminder that it is always a good day to grab your journal, post your next blog, or write the next chapter of the story of your life…even if you don’t have any idea how it’s going to end!

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Fatherhood at Fifty – The Lonely Soul

Here we are in week 12 of our amazing journey to parenthood. What an amazing ride it has been so far and I’m really enjoying sharing pieces of the journey through my blog. We are still working on creating a new dedicated blog site for these musings within my new dedicated website. For now, what I’m calling these Fatherhood at Fifty posts will continue to nestle in nicely here on Jimswhimz.

For this week’s entry I am going to share a little story I just wrote. As many of you know, I love to write and tell stories. Over the last few years I’ve created dozens if not even a hundred stories for storytelling shows, Moth competitions, Toastmasters speeches and other events and writing projects. This past week I was scheduled to give a speech at my Toastmasters of Lincoln Park club. I had yet to write anything for the speech so I started to think that it would be nice to do something about the impending arrival of our first child.

I thought about doing an Icebreaker 2.0 sort of speech where I just talked a bit about my life and how I’ve gotten to where I’m at now. I also toyed around with the idea of doing something from the humorous speaking manual and writing a parody about the days leading up to us finding out that we were pregnant. Then I picked up my Storytelling manual and realized that my next project in that manual was project #4 – The Touching Story. Boom! I knew exactly what I wanted to do for the speech.

I would write a Dr. Suess-like short story that summarized the 50-ish years of my life and how I’ve gotten to where I’m at now – all in about 1000 words so I could deliver it in seven minutes. Yikes! I’d read it like a story would be read in an episode of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood – cardigan sweater and all. Holy Moly! If I did it all well my hope was that it would be one part theater, one part humor and one part touching story.

I’m glad to say that I had a ton of fun putting it all together and even more fun delivering the speech. I’d love to hear what you think about my little story. Once upon a time I would have never had the courage to share it, but like every good Hero’s journey, our awakenings inspire us to change and grow…


“One upon a time there was a lonely soul…..

And the lonely soul wandered through time and space through the ENTIRE Universe wondering what it would be like to have soulmates…or tribe members…or anything at all to make the lonely soul less solitary and so alone…

And then one day that lonely soul happened by our planet earth and noticed it for its unique beauty and for all the possibilities….

The lonely soul stopped and wondered and thought about what it might be like to stay for a while and see what life on this planet earth might be like?

And just like all thoughts….the lonely soul’s thought became energy… and that energy put in motion all the possibilities of how this lonely soul might carve out a lifetime in time and space on this fabulous planet earth….

And with that thought in motion all the Angels and Gods and other Souls in the Universe began to act…

An infinite number of possibilities began to present themselves to this lonely soul. Billions of choices of free will and destiny in an single instant in time began to take shape…

And then suddenly the lonely soul had chosen it’s next story…and that story would become a little boy human born to this planet earth on July 11th, 1964….

And that little boy human was me…

And low and behold the lonely soul that became the little boy human was not so lonely any more. He had not only selected the finest possible parents he could have ever hoped for, but they had also selected him. And the little boy human’s parents praised him and raised him and loved him for all the years as he grew stronger and older and more experienced in life….

Until one day it was time for that little boy human to go off on his own and blaze his own trail and see what this planet Earth had to offer. Now little did he know at the time that there would be SO much more to learn and SO much more fear and SO much self-doubt and SO much more loneliness left on the path…but walk the path he did.

The now bigger boy human grew into a young man and left his parents and his dog named Snoopy and went to college at a University in a place on planet earth called Michigan, where he eventually met his first ever new soul partner who would later become his wife and share his life for many years to come. In those years to come the young man human would try many things to quench his desire to live life to the fullest….

He would try kite-flying and running and bonsai cultivation and martial arts and cooking and traveling and yoga and working in a variety of fields….

All the while he never seemed to find the answer to what it was that his heart was truly longing for….

And over time the young man human made and said goodbye to many friends. He said goodbye to the human that was his father when his father went back to the other side. And then eventually he said goodbye to the soul partner he met in college when it became clearer that their time in this life journey had served all the purposes that it was intended to serve.

By now that little boy human had become a middle-aged man….a man who wondered at times why he had ever even bothered to leave his lonely soul status wandering the Universe in time and space, in trade for this VERY human experience that had become even MORE painfully lonely than what he had known on the other side….

And just when he thought he was about to completely break….the middle aged man realized that before you could break…..you needed to crack….and for the first time in his human experience he let the crack happen…..and then suddenly the light came in!

And with that light coming in, the middle aged human man started to re-think all the possibilities. He thought about the many hats he had yet to try to wear in this lifetime like loving listener, and humble helper, and fantastic friend….and father….

And all those things that seemed at one point to be impossible, suddenly seemed possible again. The man opened his mind….and more importantly…..he opened his heart… and sure enough the Universe sent him an opportunity. The Universe sent him an opportunity to re-invent himself and to fulfill a soul contract that had been set in motion hundreds if not thousands of years ago….

His new and true soulmate appeared. His soul tribe began to identify themselves one human….and one spirit at a time. Some of them new souls and some of them souls he had traveled with through time and space before….

And with each passing day the lonely soul/human boy/now becoming an elder man grew more content….more at peace…. less fearful and less lonely than he had ever been before. He tried new things that he had never tried before. He learned from new mentors he had always longed to find before. He began to write more and speak more and have more confidence in sharing his own message and sharing his own story as an inspiration to others to also share theirs….

And then one day, one day very recently he got the message that he had been waiting his entire lifetime to hear. The one that his heart was longing for…..even long before he knew about the longing…

The lonely soul/human boy/growing young man/middle aged wanderer/becoming an elder man got the message that another soul had put in a request to the Universe….

The request to come in to this planet called Earth….and call him Dad!

And so it continued….And once and for all….after many climbs and many falls….the idea of ever being alone completely disappeared for the lonely soul….never to re-appear again…”



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